Me and my friend and business partner –  Erika Meyer are proud to present a children’s book, “There Once Was a Girl Who Loved to Skate” available through to purchase as a hardcover paperback or to download as an Ebook.

The journey into the world of children’s books was a collaboration  with Erika, sparking the imagination in both writing and illustrating images on paper and eventually meet the challenges of computer technology and managing our own production company.

There is a lot more to it for a “newbie” than one can imagine. There’s not only the brick and mortar aspects: establishing an LLC, finding a printer, creating a company website, advertising… research on how to advertise, creating props and displays…. but also handling the dynamics of a business partnership, meetings, phone conversations, (the cat walking over my computer keyboard)…  handling the dynamics of everyone’s expectations, including my own and what I hope and expect from those around me.

And there’s one important, the most important thing that is not so easy to remind ourselves and myself included… and that is to keep the faith. There is still a love for creativity and to share it with those who appreciate creativity and imagination.  When we create from of a place of hard labor and with great sensitivity and at great cost, we become vulnerable to a vast amount of criticism, both positive and negative. We can feel shame that we’re told we haven’t done enough or feel pride that we have done beyond what is expected.

I feel good that what Erika and I accomplished this far is not just creating a book but learning a whole lot more about ourselves and valuable lessons were learned. I look forward to the year ahead.





book cover

This title containing over 20 illustrations that I am very proud of as the first children’s book that I have the honor to be part of. Currently we have made it available to order on as an ebook edition or as a printed hardcover.

Currently in the works is a second children’s book that I will be illustrating and I look forward to sharing with everyone very soon.

You can find out more information by visiting our website:


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